Skiing in Auli (1st Place to Visit in Auli)

Along the slopes of the Nanda Devi, skiing is enjoyed almost by every tourist in the Auli. The place is also called as the ski capital of the Uttarakhand. There are ski competitions held at this place with competitors coming from all over the world. With Ski lifts, Ski shops, equipments, and resort Auli is one complete destination for those who want to enjoy this sport in the surrounding of the Great Himalayas. Winter season with November to February is the best recommended time for Skiing in Auli.

Gurso Bugyal (2nd Place to Visit in Auli)

Located at an altitude of 3056m and 3Kms from the main Auli, is one of the most serene tourist spots. It’s a land of green pastures surrounded by oak and coniferous forests with early morning & early evening the right time to visit this place. Travelers enjoy camping and trekking in this area with the best time during the spring season while winter the whole area is covered in snow still you might see few enthusiasts in cold harsh winds coming to enjoy the surrounding.

Auli Artificial Lake (3rd Place to Visit in Auli)

As one of the marvel for being the highest manmade lake in the world. It was built to provide water to fuel the snow guns in creating artificial ski slopes for skiing if there is less snowfall in the area. Panoramic views of Nanda Valley and Valley of flowers are truly magnificent. Clifftop hotel is also there for accommodation offering travelers at his location. Auli Lake is connected via famous chair lift which is enjoyed by tourist for reaching the summit viewing the surrounding in full its glory nature brilliance.

Auli Ropeway (4th Place to Visit in Auli)

Auli Ropeway is a sight to behold for every adventure tourist in this area. This connects the Joshimath and Auli as the second-highest ropeway in India after the Gulmarg in Jammu and Kashmir. Covering a distance of 4Kms, there are ski lifts and chairlifts offering scintillating views for its travelers of the whole valley with mountains, snow, and meadows for picturesque backgrounds. Operated by the government it is a two cable system resting on 10 steel towers and travels a height of 1110 meters.

Chattrakund (5th Place to Visit in Auli)

Take the hike and trek for this amazing natural crystal lake at an altitude of 3300m is an amazing experience that you will not forget soon. Harsh cold winds, lush green forests of pine and deodar will accompany as you reach there. Take a walk along the lake to feel the raw fresh air and have breath in with the natural serenity. Lake is also famous for its sweet taste of water in the natural state.

Trishul Peak (6th Place to Visit in Auli)

Mountains with three facets often named in relation to the Lord almighty Handpicked tool, is the Trishul Peak. Even with the naked eye, one can see the three-pointed peaks at the top of the mountain range. At the height of 23049ft peak offer spectacular views of the Great Himalayas. Skiing is practiced here under the guidance of professionals for enthusiasts and trekking are the favorite for travelers to come to this popular tourist spot.

Chenab Lake (7th Place to Visit in Auli)

Another unexplored beauty of this region is the Chenab Lake near Joshimath almost 19Kms away from the Auli. There is no man-made path to reach the lake you have to trek here to find the spot. You will pass through the lush green meadows and forests to see this magical place in its true delight. It is an artificial lake but attracts a lot of tourists for its beautiful surrounding and untouched beauty.

Joshimath (8th Place to Visit in Auli)

Located nearby Auli, Joshimath is the starting point of many famous tourist points in Uttarakhand. All the excursions in Auli are located to close proximity to Joshimath. Shankaracharya Math, Tapovan Natural hot springs, trekking, and ropeway to Auli are the main activities around this town.

NarSingh Temple (9th Place to Visit in Auli)

One of the popular temples in the nearby vicinity is Narsingh Temple in Joshimath. It is dedicated to Lord Vishnu for his incarnation as Narsimha avatar in the form of half lion and half man. Temple is also the location for the winter home for Badrinath deity as due to harsh winters it becomes accessible.

Rudraprayag (10th Place to Visit in Auli)

Another confluence of Ganga tributaries with River Alaknanda and River Mandakini is the Rudraprayag, one of the Panch Prayag in Uttarakhand. The place has a lot of spiritual significance as per the Hindu mythology. Several ancient temples are in the vicinity with the pilgrimage of Kedarnath and Badrinath beginning from here. It is a tourist hotspot for its natural serenity and picturesque location.

Nandprayag (11th Place to Visit in Auli)

A religious place with the confluence of river Alaknanda and Nandakani which are part of the Ganga river system. Situated at 900 meters Nandprayag has the spiritual charm and mysticism with numerous temples along with untouched natural beauty that captivates travelers to experience the place within.

Vishnuprayag (12th Place to Visit in Auli)

Vishnuprayag is another religious site near the Auli at 25 Kms away where you can see the tributaries of Alaknanda River and Dhauliganga River joining together which goes further to become might river Ganga.