Naini Lake – The Enchanted Lake (1st Place to Visit in Nainital)

Amidst the spectacular natural surrounding in the heart of the city is Naini Lake in a crescent shape. It is the main attraction for tourists with boating, paddling, yachting and other entertaining activities. Early morning sunrise and evening sunset views has mesmerising effects on watchers who enjoy raw moments of nature. Most of the tourists enjoy taking walks along the lake for its picturesque beauty. Nainital is often called as the ‘Lake District of India’ for having multiple natural lakes in its surroundings with Sariyatal, Khurpatal, Sukha Tal, Bhimatal, Sattal, and Naukuchiyatal among the favourite locations for tourists.

Naina Devi – Goddess Temple (2nd Place to Visit in Nainital)

Part of the Hindu legend as one of the 52 Shaktipeeth in India, Naina Devi Temple is the local deity with the city and many places named taken from this. As per the mythology, the eyes of the Goddess Sati fell here Naina literally ‘means eyes only’ is revered by millions of Hindu devotees. Situated on top of the Hill devotees worship the goddess on a regular basis with special festivals attracting tourists from around the country.

Snow View Point – Picnic Spot (3rd Place to Visit in Nainital)

It is One of the prominent attraction places in Nainital with breathtaking views of the snow laded Himalayan mountains, and Snow View Point is a must in your travel itinerary. You can either trek, use ropeway or hire a taxi to reach the spot at the hilltop. It is developed as a picnic spot for tourist with shooting stalls, snacks and festivities all around. Large pairs of Binoculars are put on the spot to gaze around the might peaks of The Great Himalayas – Nanda Devi, Nanda Kot, and Trishul respectively.

Nainital Ropeway connects the Snow view point from Mall road at Mallital and tourist take to see enthralling views of the whole valley. Especially children’s enjoy going up and coming down in these state of the modern art technology with glass windows from the cable car. While many take the trek to reach the point.

Tiffin Top – Breathtaking Views (4th Place to Visit in Nainital)

Also known as Dorothy’s seat, Tiffin Top is among the most visited location in Nainital. Scenic spot offers a panoramic view of the whole Nainital and surrounding Kumaon Region. A spectacular place with a bird’s eye view of the Nainital, the place got its name after people going to the top started having lunch after that. Built by Army officer J. P. Kellett in the memory of his beloved English Artist wife Dorothy Kellett who lost his life in the ship to meet his children. Tiffin Too surrounded by forests of Oak, Deodhar, and Cher trees is a delight for photographers to have impeccable views

Tiffin top can be reached with a nature hike for about 10km, and another way is to ride the horse from Bara Pathar. Both are equally enjoyed by tourists for their natural scenery and thrilling adventure in their way to the Tiffin Top. You might also find adventure activities with rappelling and rock climbing being enjoyed by tourists a lot.

Naina Peak – Natural Trek (5th Place to Visit in Nainital)

It is the highest peak in the Nainital with 2615 meters with a natural trek that offers visitors an adventurist route to the surrounding. Covered with snow around the whole year along with trees cover along the whole trek makes for some spectacular photography to add into your travel album. Trek is low to moderate difficulty with 3Km in length while ponies are also available to reach the top of the summit, respectively. This peak is famous for its romantic views during sunrise and sunsets attracting especially couples to enjoy their company in the scenic natural calmness. Summertime is recommended with early morning to reach the summit and return before the sunset to avoid the dark.

Governor’s House – Raj Bhavan (6th Place to Visit in Nainital)

One of the testaments of British era architecture is the building of Governor’s House as the most luxurious places in Nainital. Often called as the ‘Buckingham Palace of India’ as its gothic style architecture was inspired by the original palace in the Buckingham. Two stories of building with 113 rooms, manicured gardens, swimming pool, golf course and thick forest in the background makes for some stunning images of this tourist spot. Currently, it acts as the official residence of the Governor of the Uttarakhand state.

Hanuman Garhi – Majestic Temple (7th Place to Visit in Nainital)

As the name dedicated to the Lord Hanuman, this hillside temple has some of the heartwarming views of Sunrise and Sunset attracting tourist to these exotic locations. Built-in 1950 at 6401ft sea-level, by the local saint Baba Neem Karoli has a quite large statue of Lord Hanuman with devotees thronging the area on Tuesday as well as Saturday. Leisure walks in the nearby areas, and peaceful serenity are enjoyed by tourists a lot.

Nainital Zoo (8th Place to Visit in Nainital)

One of the most prominent tourist spots, the Nainital Zoo is also known as the G.B. Pant High Altitude Zoo. Built-in 1984 at a height of 2100m Zoo comprises of 4.6 hectares of land with Himalayan Bear, Himalayan Civet, Hill Patridge, Tibetan Wolf, Barking Dear, Royal Bengal Tiger, Sambar along with numerous species of Birds and several endangered species are spotted in the area. The zoo is connected with roads while many even walk the 2Km to further enhance their holiday enjoyment.

Adventure – Numerous thrilling places (9th Place to Visit in Nainital): There are also numerous spots are visited for their unique and thrilling experience in Nainital.

Eco Cave Gardens: It is one of the best places in Nainital in terms of family entertainment. This garden comprises of six caves built in different animal shapes, lit with natural petroleum lamps, and one needs to crawl their way through these surroundings. Evenings are filled with musical fountains with rhythmic audio-video effects.

Naina Devi Bird Reserve: When you trek through the Naina Devi it passes through this adventure spot where you can have incredible sightings of birds in their natural home.

Astronomical Observatory: See the whole universe with stars, moon, celestial bodies and numerous objects in the space from Astronomical Observatory or Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Science (ARIES) situated on top of the Manora Peak in Beluwakhan.

Gurney House: A colonial-era cottage and home to the famous British hunter, Jim Corbett is now known as Gurney House. With prior permission, you can visit the residence which has a small museum inside with the achievements and life story of Jim Corbett.

Sailing is enjoyed in the Naini lake with competition in Summer to attract more tourist in the area. While rafting, yachting, Sky Diving, Canoeing, Para Sailing, rock climbing, hiking, trekking, horse riding and more. There are also some spectacular natural places for camping with activities of trekking, yoga, meditation, bird watching, and other activities enjoyed by the tourists.

Shopping Paradise – Mall Road (10th Place to Visit in Nainital)

Although a hill station and tourist hub Nainital also has numerous shopping places where you can collect memorabilia, ethnic clothes and enjoy traditional Indian food for your delight. Mall Road as locally known is the centre for tourists who enjoy taking strolls in the area for checking local specialities & antique along with banks, restaurants, and numerous shops to complement.