Amarnath Yatra Tour Packages Travel Agents

Amarnath Yatra tour packages are organized by various travel agencies to facilitate the pilgrimage for devotees. Please note that the specific details of tour packages may have changed since my last update, so it's advisable to check with travel agencies for the latest information. Here's a general description of what an Amarnath Yatra tour package might typically include:


The tour package duration typically covers the entire Amarnath Yatra season, which usually lasts for about a month during the summer months (June to August). The duration may vary based on the type of package and the mode of transportation chosen.

Pilgrimage Permit:

Amarnath Yatra requires a pilgrimage permit, and the tour package may include assistance in obtaining the necessary permits for the pilgrims.


Accommodation options may vary, including tents, guesthouses, or hotels, depending on the package. The accommodation is typically arranged at various points along the pilgrimage route.


Packages may include transportation from the starting point of the Yatra (usually Pahalgam or Baltal) to the Amarnath Cave and back. This could involve helicopter services, pony rides, or trekking, depending on the chosen route.

Medical Assistance:

Given the challenging terrain and high altitude, packages may include medical assistance and facilities, including the availability of medical staff and first aid.

Catering Services:

Meals are often provided as part of the package. The food is generally vegetarian, as per the religious beliefs associated with the pilgrimage.

Guides and Assistance:

Pilgrimage guides may be provided to assist the devotees throughout the journey. They offer guidance, share information about the significance of various places, and help ensure a smooth pilgrimage experience.

Yatra Kit:

Pilgrims may receive a Yatra kit that includes essential items for the journey, such as a map, route details, and information about the dos and don'ts during the Yatra.

Darshan Arrangements:

The tour package may include arrangements for the darshan (viewing) of the ice lingam inside the Amarnath Cave. Devotees are given a specific time for the darshan to manage the crowd effectively.

Pre-departure Orientation:

Some packages may include pre-departure orientation sessions to brief pilgrims about the journey, safety measures, and the significance of the pilgrimage. It's crucial for pilgrims to carefully review the details of the Amarnath Yatra tour package, including the itinerary, inclusions, and safety measures. Additionally, considering the sensitivity of the region, it's important to stay updated on travel advisories and follow all guidelines provided by the authorities.